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AMEX International has a 33-year history of providing quality consulting and procurement services to governments, international institutions, and private corporations worldwide. If you are looking for an international development job and a challenging career in a fast-paced, professional environment, AMEX International is interested in you! We are expanding rapidly to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. AMEX International recruiters are always looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic individuals to join our team in various positions throughout the company.

Business Development Associate4-5 yearsUnited States05/31/2017
Facility Security Officer5+ yearsUnited States05/05/2017
Recruiter4-5 yearsUnited States04/28/2017
USAID/OAPA Program/Technical Specialist4-5 yearsUnited States04/30/2017
USAID/OAPA Program Assistant1-3 yearsUnited States04/30/2017
USAID/OAPA Operations Specialist4-5 yearsUnited States04/30/2017
USAID/OAPA Administrative Assistant0-1 yearUnited States04/30/2017
USAID/OAPA Senior Program/Technical Specialist10+ yearsUnited States04/30/2017
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist10+ yearsUnited States04/30/2017

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