4321Sri Anjaneya Business SolutionsATM Cash LoadingInter & AboveHyderabadFresher11,000/- to 14,000/-Full time
4320Sri Anjaneya Business SolutionsPharmacistB PharmacyHyderabadFresher11,000/- to 13,000/-Full time
4319Sri Anjaneya Business SolutionsXML ProcessAny DegreeHyderabad0 - 1 Year10,000/- to 12,000/-Full time
4318HRD AssociatesCustomer Support ExecutivesAny DegreeHyderabad1 year12,500/-Full time
4317HRD AssociatesBusiness Development ExecutivesAny DegreeHyderabad1 year15,000/-Full time
4316Vijaya Diagnostic CenterData entryDegreeHyderabadFresher12,000/- to 15,000/-Full time
4315Vijaya Diagnostic CenterFront Office ExecutiveDegreeHyderabadFresher12,000/- to 15,000/-Full time
4314JAIN GROUPHRInter,Degree & MBAKachiguda1 Year15,000/-Full time
4313JAIN GROUPCustomer RelationshipInter,Degree & MBAKachiguda3 Year's10,000/-Full time
4312JAIN GROUPTele CallerInter,Degree & MBAKachigudaFresher10,000/-Full time
4311JAIN GROUPSales executiveGraduationKachigudaFresher10,000/-Full time
4310Arcos Skill Managements Services Pvt LtdDelivery ExecutiveSSCAttapur0 - 06 Months12,000/-Full time
4309Arcos Skill Managements Services Pvt LtdFulfillment AssociateInterHyderabad0 - 06 Months10,442/-Full time
4307Neon Motors Pvt LtdAccessories TechnicianInter & DegreeSp Road0 - 5 Years10000/-Full time
4306Neon Motors Pvt LtdDriversInter & DegreeSp Road0 - 5 Years10000/- to 15000/-Full time
4305Neon Motors Pvt LtdSales ExecutivesInter & DegreeSp Road0 - 5 Years10000/- to 15000/-Full time
4304Neon Motors Pvt LtdData Entry + TR Co-OrdinatorInter & DegreeSp Road0 - 2 Years10000/- to 15000/-Full time
4303Neon Motors Pvt LtdTele CallerInter & DegreeSp Road0 - 2 Years10000/- to 15000/-Full time
4302Neon Motors Pvt LtdReceptionistInter & DegreeS P Road0 - 2 Years10000/- to 15000/-Full time
4301Karvy DigiKonnect LimitedNon voice processInterMadhapur / Gachibwoli0 - 1 Year8500/- to 10000/-Full time
4300Pioneer ELabs LtdElectriciansSSC/Inter/ITI/Diploma/Any DegreeHyderabad0 - 1 Year10000/- to 12000/-Full time
4299Pioneer ELabs LtdCat5 BoysSSCHyderabad0 - 1 Year8000/-Full time
4298Pioneer ELabs LtdCRM ExecutiveInter &Any DegreeHyderabad0 - 1 Year8000/- to 10000/-Full time
4297Pioneer ELabs LtdSplicer HelperSSC/Inter/ITI/Diploma/Any DegreeHyderabad0 - 1 Year10000/-Full time
4296Pioneer ELabs LtdSplicerSSC/Inter/ITI/Diploma/Any DegreeHyderabad2 - 6 Years12000/- to 18000/-Full time
4295Pioneer ELabs LtdCollection ExecutiveInter & Any DegreeHyderabad0- 1 Year10000/-Full time
4294Pioneer ELabs LtdSenior TechnicianSSC/Inter/ITI/Diploma/Any DegreeHyderabad2 -5 Years12000/- to 16000/-Full time
4293Pioneer ELabs LtdNetwork -TechnicianSSC/Inter/ITI/Diploma/Any DegreeHyderabad0 - 1 Year10000/-Full time
4292Pioneer ELabs LtdSr. Sales ExecutiveSSC , Inter & DegreeHyderabad2 - 5 Years12000/- to 16000/-Full time
4291Pioneer ELabs LtdSales ExecutiveSSC , Inter & DegreeHyderabad0 - 1 Year10000/-Full time
4287Big basketStackerSSCHyderabad1 Year13000/-Full time
4286Big basketPickersSSCHyderabad1 Year13000/-Full time
4285Big basketBikerSSCHyderabad0 - 1 Year15000/-Full time
4284Taashee Linux Services Pvt. LtdField SalesMBAHyderabad3Years -7 Years10 LPAFull time
4283Taashee Linux Services Pvt. LtdInside SalesMBAHyderabad1 Year -3 Years20000/-Full time
4277LMV Financial Services Pvt LtdTelesales OfficerDegreeSomajigudaFresher10000/-Full time
4273Vagarious Solutions Pvt LtdBusiness Development ExecutiveAny DegreeHyderabad0 - 2 Years12000/- to 18000/-Full time
4272Vagarious Solutions Pvt LtdTele CallerSSC,Inter & DegreeHyderabad0 - 2 Years8000/- to 12000/-Full time
4271Vagarious Solutions Pvt LtdCollection ExcutiveAny DegreeHyderabad0 - 2 Years12000/- to 18000/-Full time
4270Vagarious Solutions Pvt LtdSoftware DeveloperB.Tech & M.TechHyderabadFresher15000/-Full time
4269Magic TouchAccountantMBA(Fiance)Thirumalagiri2 years15000/-Full time
4268Aditya success infoScrum masterAny DegreeHyderabad0 - 0.6 Year1000/- to 15000/-Full time
4267Aditya success infoAdminAny DegreeHyderabad0 - 0.6 Year1000/- to 15000/-Full time
4266Aditya success infoMSSQLAny DegreeHyderabad0 - 0.6 Year1000/- to 15000/-Full time
4265Aditya success infoAndroid DeveloperAny DegreeHyderabad0 - 0.6 Year1000/- to 15000/-Full time
4264Aditya success info.net mvcAny DegreeHyderabad0 - 0.6 Year1000/- to 15000/-Full time
4259Vijaya Diagnostic CenterNurseGNM / Bsc-NursingHyderabadFresher15000/- to 20000/-Full time
4258Vijaya Diagnostic CenterX RAY TechnicianDMLT / B.sc-RITHyderabadFresher12000/- to 18000/-Full time
4257Vijaya Diagnostic CenterSample CollectionsDMIT / MLTHyderabadFresher12000/- to 18000/-Full time
4256Vijaya Diagnostic CenterTYPING (EDP)Any DegreeHyderabadFresher10000/- to 12000/-Full time
4255Vijaya Diagnostic CenterScaningInterHyderabadFresher10000/- to 12000/-Full time
4254Vijaya Diagnostic CenterBilling ExecutiveAny DegreeHyderabadFresher10000/- to 12000/-Full time
4253Yashaswi Academy For SkillsData entry operatorB.ComKukatpallyFresher12000/-Full time
4252BBG India pvt LtdTrainerDegreeBanjarahills1 Year30000/-Full time
4251BBG India pvt LtdTeam leaderDegreeBanjarahills2 Years25000/-Full time
4250BBG India pvt LtdTele callersInterBanjarahills2 Years10000/-Full time
4249Sila Solutions pvt ltdHousekeepingInter & DegreeHyderabadFresher10000/-Full time
4248Sila Solutions pvt ltdHousekeeping SupervisorInter & DegreeHyderabad1 Year15000/-Full time
4247Ratnadeep Retail LtdCSRSSC / InterHyderabad0 - 1 Year9800/-Full time
4246Ratnadeep Retail LtdCSASSC / InterHyderabad0 - 1 Year9400/-Full time
4245iTeam IncTechnical RecruiterAny DegreeAmeerpeto - 5 Years10000/-Full time
4244Future Focus Recruitment StaffingCashierSSCMadhapur0 - 1 Year10000/- to 15000/-Full time
4243Future Focus Recruitment StaffingInternational voice processGraduateMadhapur0 - 3 Years10000/- to 40000/-Full time
4242Future Focus Recruitment StaffingSoftware TranieeB.TechGachibowli0 - 1 Year10000/-Full time
4241Future Focus Recruitment StaffingData EntryInter & GraduationSafilguda0 - 1 Year8000/- to 12000/-Full time
4240Future Focus Recruitment StaffingChat SupportInter & GraduationBegumpet0 - 1 Year13500/- to 15000/-Full time
4239Future Focus Recruitment StaffingMarketingInter & GraduationHyderabad0 - 2 Years10000/- to 20000/-Full time
4238Future Focus Recruitment StaffingTelecallerInter & GraduationHyderabad0 - 2 Years8000/- to 14000/-Full time
4237Live Connections placements Pvt LtdBPO -VoiceAny GraduateHyderabad1 - 2 Years13000/-Full time
4236Live Connections placements Pvt LtdHR RecruiterAny GraduateHyderabad4 YearsBased on previous CTCFull time
4235Live Connections placements Pvt LtdHR RecruiterAny GraduateHyderabadFresher8400/-Full time
4234Live Connections placements Pvt LtdBPO -Voice (Hindi &English)Any GraduateHyderabadFresher11700/-Full time
4233Live Connections placements Pvt LtdAssociate FinanceB.com / MBS-Fin / BBA / M.COMHyderabadFresher20000/-Full time
4232First Call Teleservices Pvt LtdTele CallerInterVanasthalipuramFresher10000/-Full time
4221Our Staffing SolutionsMarketing ExecutiveAny GraduationHyderabad0 - 1 Year15000/-Part time
4220Our Staffing SolutionsTelecallerAny GraduationHyderabad0 - 1 Year14000/-Full time
4219HRD AssociatesCustomer Support ExecutiveAny GraduationHyderabad1 year above12500/-Full time
4218HRD AssociatesBusiness Development ExecutivesAny GraduationHyderabad1 year above15000/-Full time
4217HDB Financial Services LtdSales OfficerGraduationHyderabad0 - 2 Years9500 /-to 11000/-Full time
4216Future Focus Recruitment StaffingHRMBA HRHyderabad0 - 5 Years15000/- to 30000/-Full time
4215Future Focus Recruitment StaffingJava / PythonGraduationHyderabad0 - 4 Years10000/- to 30000/-Full time
4214Future Focus Recruitment StaffingMarketing salesInter & aboveHyderabad0 - 5 Years10000/- to 25000/-Full time
4213Future Focus Recruitment StaffingData entryInter & aboveSafilguda0 - 3 Years10000/- to 15000/-Full time
4212Future Focus Recruitment StaffingTelecallingInter & aboveHyderabad0 - 3 Years10000/- to 20000/-Full time
4211TEAMLEASE SERVICES LTDPickers/PackersSSCHyderabadFresher9700Full time
4210TEAMLEASE SERVICES LTDRetail AssociateSSCHyderabadFresher9700Full time
4208APOLLO PHARMACYPHARMACY TRAINEESSC / Inter / Any DegreeHyderabadFresher10000/-Full time
4209APOLLO PHARMACYPRODUCT ADVISORAny Graduate & AboveHyderabad0 - 5 Years12000/- to 15000/-Full time
4207APOLLO PHARMACYPHARMACY ASSISTANTSSC / Inter / Any DegreeHyderabad1 - 10 Years10500/- to 16000/-Full time
4206APOLLO PHARMACYPHARMACISTD/B/M-PHARMACYHyderabad0 - 10 Years12000/- to 20000/-Full time
4200QUKADS PRIVATE LIMITEDMarketing ExecutivesAny GraduateVisakhapatnamFresher10000/- to 12000/-Full time
4199QUKADS PRIVATE LIMITEDMarketing ExecutivesAny GraduateHyderabadFresher10000/- to 12000/-Full time
4198QUKADS PRIVATE LIMITEDTele CallerAny GraduateHyderabadFresher8000/- to 10000/-Full time
4195Neon Motors Pvt LtdInternal AduditorsB,com (comp),MBA (FIN) ,McomChandanagar ,Attapur ,Tadbund0 - 2 Years10000/-Full time
4196Neon Motors Pvt LtdCashierB,com (comp),MBA (FIN) ,McomChandanagar ,Attapur ,Tadbund0 - 2 Years10000/-Full time
4197QUKADS PRIVATE LIMITEDTechnical SupportAny GraduateHyderabadFresher10000/-to 12000/-Full time
4194Inventurus Knowledge SolutionsInternational voice process(*AR Calling)Any GraduatesHyderabadFresher & Experience15000/-Full time
4193Safe City Project, HyderabadMIS Team LeaderMBAHyderabad24 to 36 Months90000 to 1,10,000 per monthFull time
4192Yashaswi Academy For SkillsElectricianITI electrician/Diploma electricianSadashivpetFresher10000/- to 17000/-Full time
4191Yashaswi Academy For SkillsMachine operatorBA,B.Com & BScShamshabadFresher12700/-Full time