** Each The Spice & Tea Exchange® location is independently owned and operated; and responsible for their own employment standards, practices, protocols, hiring, and training.  These postings of job opportunities within individual stores of the TSTE® franchise system is provided as a convenience for the franchisees of The Spice & Tea Exchange Franchising, LLC; in an effort to redirect local inquiries to their specific locations. 

Employees at The Spice & Tea Exchange® perform a variety of tasks every day and postings may not list all the essential functions or requirements of the job. 

Team MemberPittsburghPennsylvaniaFull time01/05/2019
Assistant Store LeaderPittsburghPennsylvaniaFull time01/05/2019
Retail Sales ManagerVailColoradoFull time11/24/2018
Retail Sales - Full TimeKatyTexasFull time11/14/2018
Retail Sales - Part TimeSan AntonioTexasPart time11/09/2018
Retail Sales - Full TimeSan AntonioTexasFull time11/09/2018
Retail Sales - Full TimeGalvestonTexasFull time11/09/2018
Retail Sales - Part TimeVailColoradoPart time11/09/2018
Retail Sales - Part TimeMadeira BeachFloridaPart time11/09/2018
Retail Sales - Part Time (Holidays & Weekends)San FranciscoCaliforniaPart time11/09/2018
Retail Sales ManagerSan FranciscoCaliforniaFull time11/09/2018
Retail Sales - Part TimeSan FranciscoCaliforniaPart time11/09/2018
Retail Sales - Part TimeKatyTexasPart time11/07/2018

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