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Full timeElectrical Engineer (Overhead Transmission Line)04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeSenior Engineer (OHL & UGC-Civil)04/02/2016Karachi
Full timePrincipal Engineer (GRID Station/OHL & UGC-CIVIL)-04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeSenior Engineer Electrical (Under Ground Cable of 220 & 132KV)04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeSenior Engineer (Over Head Transmission Line of 220 & 132KV)04/02/2016Karachi
Full timePrincipal Engineer (Transmission Line & Under Ground Cable of 220 & 132KV)04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeSenior Engineer (SCADA / RTU ) related to grid & transmission line04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeElectrical Engineer04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeSenior Engineer (Telecom & PLC/SDH) related to grid & transmission line04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeElectrical Engineer (Secondary Design Grids)04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeSenior Engineer Electrical (Secondary Design Grids)04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeElectrical Engineer (Primary design, Grid station)04/02/2016Karachi
Full timeSenior Engineer Electrical (Grids) Primary design04/02/2016Karachi
ContractPrincipal Engineer (Grid Station)04/01/2016Karachi
Full timeLead QC Inspectors01/21/2016
Full timeQC Inspectors – Welding01/21/2016
Full timeShutdown/ Area Superintended01/20/2016
Full timePlanning Engineer (Construction)01/20/2016
Full timeSafety Officer – ( NEBOSH – IGC)01/20/2016
Full timeShutdown Planning Engineer01/20/2016
Full timeInspectors (civil, Finishing) - Saudi Arabia10/14/2015Eastern Province
Full timeInspectors ( Mechanical ) - Saudi Arabia10/14/2015Eastern Province
Full timeInspectors ( Electrical ) - Saudi Arabia10/14/2015Eastern Province
Full timeEnvironment Protection Engineer - Saudi Arabia10/14/2015Eastern Province
Full timeGeotechnical Engineer - Saudi Arabia10/14/2015Eastern Province
Full timeMaterial Engineers(soils) - Saudi Arabia10/14/2015Eastern Province
Full timeMechanical Engineer(HVAC, Generators, Pumps) - Saudi Arabia10/14/2015Eastern Province
Full timeRoads & Runways Engineer - Saudi Arabia10/14/2015Eastern Province
Full timeSenior Civil Foreman - Roads/Infrastructure/Buildings - UAE09/15/2015Dubai
Full timeGeneral Foreman Civil - Roads/Buildings/Infrastructure - UAE09/15/2015Dubai
Full timeSenior Quantity Surveyor - Roads/Buildings/Infrastructure - UAE09/14/2015Dubai
Full timeJunior Land Surveyor - Roads/Buildings/Infrastructure - UAE09/14/2015Dubai
Full timeProject Manager - Roads/Buildings/Infrastructure for UAE09/14/2015Dubai
Full timeQuantity Surveyor - Roads/Infrastructure/Buildings - UAE09/13/2015Dubai
Full timeProject Quantity Surveyor - Roads/Infrastructure/Buildings - UAE09/12/2015Dubai
Full timeLead/Chief Surveyor - Roads/Infrastructure - UAE09/12/2015Dubai
Full timeSite Agent - Roads/Infrastructure - UAE09/12/2015Dubai
Full timeSenior Civil Engineer - Roads/Buildings/Infrastructure - UAE09/12/2015Dubai
Full timeSite Incharge Civil / Sub Agent - UAE09/12/2015Dubai
PermanentEngineer DC & FR07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSpecialist - Transmission protective Relay07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer / Engineer - Transmission Protection Maintenance (Analysis, Investigation & Reporting)07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Electrician07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentEngineer - Transmission Protection Setting07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSpecialist - Transmission Protection, Testing & Commissioning07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSpecialist Design & Engienering07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentManager - Transmission Prot Design & Engineering07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentManager - Transmission Control Centre07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Analyst07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentEngineer TEAM Transformer07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer Transmission Asset Management Cable07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentEngineer - Technical Support & Coordination07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - TCAM Electromecanical07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSupervisor Civil07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentManager - Trans. Civil Maintenance07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentEngineer / Asst Engineer - Transmission Equipment Maintenance07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentEngineer - Trans Line NOC07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - Trans Line Patrol07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Lineman / Assistant Lineman07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Supervisor - Trans OHL Maintenance07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - Trans OHL Maintenance07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - Structural07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - Cable07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSpecialist - Trans Cable07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - Switchgear07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - Transformer07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentEngineer / Sr. Engineer Project07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Manager (Tender)07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Manager / Manager (400KV Network)07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentPlanning / Cost Engineer07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentEngineer Project Support07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentProject Manager07/03/0015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - Permits07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentEngineer - Technical Developmnet07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer Planning07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentSr. Engineer - Asset Management07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentSpecialist - Maintenance Planning07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentSpecialist - Material Management07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentSpecialist - Trans Switchgear07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentSpecialist - Crisis Management07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentManager - RTU Mainenance07/03/2015
PermanentSr. Technician Services Support07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentEngineer - Technical Architect07/03/2015Dubai
PermanentEngineer RTU Commissioning07/03/2015Dubai

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