Bilingual Teacher Exchange Program (BTE) is a One Stop Recruitment and Staffing Source matching schools and bilingual teachers. We solve the problem that schools face in recruiting US based teachers or in sponsoring international teachers.  We also provide onboarding, comprehensive support services, as well as training to prepare educators for success in US and global classrooms.

Through our integrated platform our teachers are fully screened, evaluated and prepared for your schools. Our teachers are also be retained for up to 5 years. We recruit qualified native educators who will support language and cultural learning at any elementary, middle, secondary and post-secondary institutions in the US and globally.

- We source and recruit the best teachers from within the US and abroad

- We provide training support and services to help teachers succeed

- We use a multi-point matching system to match a school's needs with the best fit teachers

- We have a hassle-free one stop shop sourcing platform that streamlines finding, hiring, and onboarding teachers

- We enable pre-certification hiring through conditional/flexible contract-based hiring

- We serve schools in the US and International

- We have a 95% retention rate and our teachers are eligible for up to 5 years.

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School Registration

To begin building a pipeline and finding the best teachers for your school you must:

1. Choose the service agreement that meets your needs (see options below for schools and districts)

We providethe best fit candidates for you to select for  each vacancy you provide.

2. Upon successful hire (can be conditional based on meeting licensing requirements for each jurisdiction), agree to pay an additional $2500 in Year 1and $1500 for each consecutive year. 

Name of the School: *

School Districts

a. Annual Sourcing Feefor up Recruitment and Submission of Qualified Teachers for a

    3Year Period as follows:


Option1: 1-12 Teachers Annually- One Time 3 Year Fee $24,500

Option 2:12-24 Teachers Annually -One Time 3 Year Fee $44,500


b. Annual Sponsorshipfor Each Hire (Additional):

- Annual Sponsorship Fee in Year 1 $2500 and $1500 Each Additional Year.

Annual Sourcing Fee: *

Charter and Private Schools

a. Annual Sourcing Fee for upRecruitment and Submission of Qualified Teachers for a 3 Year Pipeline Periodis  as follows:

Option 1: 1-5 Teachers Annually - One Time 3 Year Fee $5500

Option 2: 6-12 Teachers Annually- One Time 3 Year Fee $9500


b. Annual Sponsorship for Each Hire:

-Annual Sponsorship Fee $2500 in Year 1 and $1500 each consecutive 

Annual Sourcing Fees:

B. School Information

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3.Address: *
4.Name of the Principal: *
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C. Contact Information

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