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AmeriCorps is a federal program that engages service minded Americans in intensive community service at nonprofits, schools, public agencies, and community and faith-based groups across the country. The participants in the program are referred to as “members.” The American Red Cross has managed and hosted AmeriCorps programs since the program’s founding in 1994, and currently hosts over 80 service members across the State of California.

California Safe Corps – CSC is the oldest of the Red Cross AmeriCorps programs, with over 25 years of service in regions throughout the state. This program focuses on preparing communities for disasters by providing free disaster preparedness education to individuals of all ages, delivering low-cost CPR and First Aid certification training to vulnerable communities, responding to local and national disasters, and recruiting and engaging volunteers.

California AmeriCorps Disaster Team – CADT is a state-wide AmeriCorps program which also focuses on the areas of disaster preparedness, disaster response and volunteer management. Members in this program though have the unique opportunity to work on all sides of the recovery process by supporting both Red Cross and government run (FEMA, Cal OES, etc.) response and recovery efforts.  

California For All Preparedness Team – C4A is the Red Cross’s newest AmeriCorps program, created in partnership with CaliforniaVolunteers and the Governor's California For All Preparedness Initiative. Members focus their service on educating the most vulnerable citizens in LA County in disaster preparedness. Members will participate in a door-to-door canvassing initiative to provide free smoke alarms and help families create an emergency escape plan, educate citizens at local community fairs/events and provide disaster education classes to community groups and schools. 

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For our AmeriCorps FAQ Guide:

Full timeCalifornia For All Preparedness Team, AmeriCorps Member - Santa Monica / Downtown LA08/25/2019Santa Monica / Downtown LA
Full timeCalifornia For All Preparedness Team, AmeriCorps Member - San Fernando / Antelope Valley08/25/2019San Fernando / Antelope Valley
Full timeCalifornia For All Preparedness Team, AmeriCorps Member - Commerce08/25/2019Commerce
Full timeCalifornia For All Preparedness Team, AmeriCorps Member - Long Beach08/25/2019Long Beach
Full timeCalifornia For All Preparedness Team, AmeriCorps Member - Arcadia08/25/2019Arcadia
Full timeCalifornia Safe Corps, Service to the Armed Forces/Int'l Services- Downtown LA08/31/2019Los Angeles
Full timeCalifornia Safe Corps, AmeriCorps Youth Coordinator - San Jose08/30/2019San Jose
Full timeAmeriCorps Disaster Team, Disaster Services (Camarillo/Santa Barbara)08/23/2019Camarillo
Full timeCalifornia Safe Corps, Community Disaster Preparedness AmeriCorps Member - Sacramento08/31/2019Sacramento
This program’s recruitment is conducted without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, gender, religion or political affiliation.