CoWrks aims to create inspiring, high-energy coworking work environments for the next generation of innovators. These spaces will foster highly collaborative communities by providing office spaces that come bundled with technology and business services. CoWrks shall also organize events that bring together the entire community fostering fraternity and bonhomie.

We believe that this will bring about a fundamental change in the way a person looks at his workplace, where it will become a place where she/he looks forward to coming every day!

CoWrks leases space at marquee Office locations and creates energetic workspaces that liberate our members from the confines of the cubicle. Our vision is to create the strongest, most vibrant community of Coworking spaces in the world, with each member constantly feeling engaged and inspired every time they step foot in a CoWrks space.

By 2020, CoWrks will have a national presence with 100,000 members spread over 8 cities across India and a team that’s committed to delivering on our mission.

Our extremely talented team is equipped with all the requisite domain knowledge to make our vision a reality. We believe in each others abilities and our core values serve as a consistent compass in everything that we do.


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