Available Jobs and Placements

Full timeLondon#2070 Independent and Caring Junior Nanny for Girl 6 and Boy 4Live-in or Live-out Junior nanny role £250 NET per week for 35 hours Girl 6 yrs old (in year 2 at sc...03/01/2018250No

SW18Junior Nanny
Full timeLondon#1546 Happy and Cheerful Au Pair for Boys 6 and 9We would love someone to come and enjoy being part of our family and to help us with our 2 boys to c...01/01/2018100No

SW11Au Pair
PermanentLondon#2069 German speaking nanny for Girl 4 months and Girl 3 years*Live-in or Live-out Nanny £450-550 NET per week 50-55 hrs/wk (7.15am-5.15pm M-F with occasional lat...02/01/2018550Yes

Full timeSurrey#2068 Lovely Au Pair for Girl 7 and Boy 4Duties are: Making childrens breakfast / supper / bathtime. Changing their sheets (fortnightly) Kee...28/10/2017100No

RH4Au Pair
PermanentLondon#2067 Junior nanny/ Nanny Housekeeper for Boys 4, 5 and 7After school nanny required. Hours 3-7pm Tues-Fri. Will increase in school holidays. OR Nanny/housek...30/10/2017350No

W4Junior Nanny;Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentCambridgeshire#1973 Maternity Nurse/ Nanny Housekeeper for New born and Girl 2*Live-In Maternity Nurse/ Nanny Housekeeper *£800 for 1st 3months and then £500 Maternity nurse - du...01/03/2018800Yes

SG19Nanny Housekeeper;Maternity Nurse
Full timeLeicester#2063 Fun and Energetic Au Pair for Boy 2.5Assisting with our 2.5 year old son by getting him up in the morning and read for Pre School, and dr...15/11/201780Yes

LE2Au Pair
PermanentOxford#2062 Nanny Housekeeper for Boy 4 and Girl 2Live In or Out Nanny Housekeeper Salary: £450 GROSS per week (flexible for right candidate) Children...01/11/2017450Yes

OX14Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeWantage#2060 Fun and Cheerful Au Pair for Boy 3 and Girl 6We are looking for someone to help get our older children (5 and 3 year old) ready for school, getti...03/01/201890No

OX12Au Pair
PermanentLondon# Junior Nanny for Girl 12 and Boy 7Live-In Junior Nanny role Wage:£280 NET per week Hours: Approx 7-11 and 4-7 per day and two week nig...06/11/2017280No

SW17Junior Nanny
PermanentSurrey#2058 Nanny Housekeeper for Girls 12 and 9 and Boy 15Live-In Nanny Housekeeper Position Wage: £450 NET Hours: 45 Hours per week Driver: Required Children...16/10/2017450Yes

GU28Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeLondon#1940 Au Pair for Girl 6 and Girl 2.5We can offer £100 weekly for 28 hours including evening babysitting (babysitting is usually 1 night ...01/02/2018130Yes

PermanentLondon#2054 Nanny for Girl 4 and Boy 2£480 GROSS per week 44 hours per week. Brief Outline Days & Hours: Tuesday to Friday - 8 to 7pm on e...23/10/2017480No

SE10Nanny;Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#2052 Junior nanny for Boys 4 and 6Wage: £280 NET per week Hours: 40 hours per week Duties:  Look after two children (4 & 6), getting t...16/10/2017280No

SW10Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#1516 Junior Nanny for Girl 9 and boy 7£275 NET per week Monday to Friday 7.30am-9am (during term time) and 3pm to 7.30pm (during term time...01/12/2017275Yes

SE9Junior Nanny
PermanentSouthampton#2042 Mother's Help for Girl 5 and Boys 3 and 2 and Baby dueLive-in Mother's help  £250-£300 per week Helping dress children Helping bath children Playing wit...01/11/2017300Yes

SO19Mother's Help
PermanentLondon#2044 Driver Nanny for Girl 15, Boy 6 and Girl 5 monthsLive-In Nanny required. £500 NET per week negotiable, 60 hours. Family lives in centrally located to...01/11/2017500Yes

PermanentLondon#2043 Nanny Housekeeper Position for Girls 6 and 2Live-In Nanny Housekeeper Position £450 NET , 60 hours per week Monday to Friday 7-7 A hard working ...01/11/2017450No

SE21Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentLondon#0713 English Speaking Nanny for Girl 8 and Boy 10£10 to £12 per hour (Willing to pay more if the candidate can tutor English, Maths and Science 1- Lo...18/09/2017350Yes

tw10Nanny;Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#0655 Fun and Enthusiastic Junior Nanny for Girls 3 and 1Live-In Position £250 per week / 45 hours per week Cooking and Laundry for the 2 girls and helping w...01/01/2018250No

W14Junior Nanny
PermanentEssex#2037 Spanish or French speaking Nanny for Boy 5 and 1 and Baby girl due£340 per week 45 hours per week Duties: Looking after 1 year old boy (3-4 days) Looking after baby g...01/12/2017340No

CM17Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#2015 Nanny Housekeeper for 2 children in LondonDuties are cleaning, ironing and laundry, running errands and looking after 2 children some evenings...21/09/2017500No

PermanentLondon#2032 Energetic, Driver Junior Nanny for Girls 13, 11, 6 and Boy 11£250 net per week 30 Hours Prepare children for school, children drop off and pick up in the afterno...30/10/2017250Yes

EN2Junior Nanny
PermanentSurrey#2031 Spanish speaking Junior Nanny for Boy 4 and Boy 2£230 net per week Live In Driver Candidate needed. Duties include childcare duties, school runs, pre...25/09/2017230Yes

KT22Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#2024 Kind and Caring Nanny for Girl 3 and Boy 1£14 Net p/h for 40 hrs p/w (Mon-Thurs) £560 Net p/w. Blackheath, S/E London,  Live Out daily Nanny. ...01/10/2017560Yes

Full timeLondon#0386 Friendly Au Pair for Girl 13, Boy 12 and Boy 9We need our au pair to do the school run every morning, and help with breakfast. Our au pair also pi...01/01/2018100No

SE5Au Pair
PermanentLondon#1245 Nanny Housekeeper position for Girl 4 years and Boy 1o Cleaning (kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, play room) o Laundry (adults) including ...02/10/2017300Yes

SE22Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentAirdrie#2012 Driver Junior Nanny for Girl 16 months and Girl 3 years
Going to toddler groups, entertaining kids and dropping off at nursery


£250 NET per week

M16Junior Nanny
PermanentSurrey#2011 Driver Nanny Housekeeper for twin Boys, 5 years oldTwin 5 year old boys (who will be 6 in February). the boys are in school from 8:30 to 3:30 4 days a ...05/03/2018300Yes

GU2Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentSalisbury#2009 Elderly Companion for Elderly couple aged 90 and 932 hours 8 till 10 am, 1 hour 12:30 till 1:30 pm, 2 hours evening meal time 5pm to 7pm 30 hours over...01/10/2017275Yes

SO45Elderly Companion
PermanentLondon#2004 Lovely junior Nanny for Boys aged 13,11,9 and 6Approx 1 hour early morning to help the kids get ready for school. Then help is required after schoo...25/09/2017300Yes

N2Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#2001 French speaking Nanny/Housekeeper for Girl 3.5 years and Boy 3 months£200-£250 net per week depending on experience M-F approximately 3.30-9 pm, Sunday approximately 12-...15/09/2017250No

W10Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeLondon#1215 Honest and Reliable Au pair for Girl 4.5Duties:   • 7 - 8 am take Girl to school  • 3 pm leave to get Rosa from school for 3:15 pick up. Tak...11/09/2017100No

SE6Au Pair
Part timeLondonNorwegian au pair needed for wonderful central london family, 2 girlsDuties: We need standard au pair type help, speaking as much Norwegian as possible to my two girls, ...04/01/2017100No

SW6Au Pair