Available Jobs and Placements

TemporaryDorset#2229 Fun and friendl Au Pair for 3 childrenHelp with kids - meals, homework, music practice, getting dressed and ready for school, keeping kids...01/06/2018100Yes

Au Pair
PermanentLondon#1018 Spanish speaking Junior Nanny for 3 children aged 5-2 years old30-35 hours a week 3/3.5 of those hours on a Saturday morning. Will finish in the morning by 11am ...26/03/2018348No

NW7Junior Nanny
PermanentEast Acton#2223 Nanny for family with 2 children in London#Live-in/Out Nanny For live-in: 30-35 hrs/week (Mostly Mon & Thurs). For live-out: 20-22 hrs/week (o...09/04/2018No

Nanny;Junior Nanny
Full timeLondon#2228 - Friendly Au pair for child 3 years oldAu Pair for a family in London with two children. Only sole care of the 3 year old.  Duties:  Light ...23/07/2018120Yes

Au Pair
Full timeCity of WestminsterLive-out Housekeeper position available ASAP at Bayswater £495Gross/weekLive-out Housekeeper position available near Bayswater, London. The family would like to find a good...20/03/2018495No

Full timeFermanagh, Northern Ireland#2226 - Au Pair for two young children in North IrelandAu pair for two children 2 aged 2 and a new born. (No sole care of the baby under 2).  Duties:  "Au ...01/05/2018Yes

Au Pair
Full timeGranthamLive-in Nanny-Housekeeper position available to start ASAP in Gratham £348Gross/weekLive-in Nanny-Housekeeper position available to start ASAP in Honington, Grantham. The family is urg...16/03/2018Yes

Nanny Housekeeper
ContractPutney#2225 Part time live out Nanny position for B15 G10Live out part time Nanny in Putney to cover maternity leave from August until April. £12-14 per hour...14/08/2018325Yes

Full timeLondon#1990 Enthusiastic and Responsible Au pair for B5 and G3 and Twins 10mApprox 7.15-9am and 15.15-19pm for help with breakfast / dressing / bottle prep / tidying / cooking ...01/07/2018120No

SW14Au Pair
PermanentNotting Hill Gate#2202 Part-Time weekend Nanny for 7 month old BoyLive-Out Nanny role The days of the week ideally are : -  Fri night - Mon morning (including sleepin...01/04/2018400No

Nanny;Junior Nanny
TemporaryWokinghamConfident and structured Au Pair for G13 B10, driver neededWith both of us working, keeping Harriet (13) and Charles (10) to their routines, helping with their...18/08/2018105Yes

RG40Au Pair
Full timeNear Horsham#2137 - Bubbly and positive Mother's Help for 3 children aged 5-2 years old.Great live in role in West Sussex - Lovely role caring for three children aged between 5 and 2 years...26/03/2018170Yes

Mother's Help
Full timeNear Royston#1847 Confident Driver Au Pair for children 5 & 3Looking after 2 children aged 3 and 5, three days per week (Monday to Wednesday) whilst mother is a...31/05/201890Yes

SG8Au Pair
Full timeWorcester#0924 - Au Pair for four children 2-8 years old.Lovely family in Worcester is looking for an Au Pair for their 4 children (between 2 and 8 years old...01/08/2018100Yes

Au Pair
Full timeSlough#1922 French Speaker Au Pair for child 3 years oldStart date flexibility: any time from March to September 2018.  The role will mainly involve driving...26/03/2018130Yes

SLAu Pair
Full timeVillage in South Cambridgeshire#2180 Fun and Friendly Au Pair for four children aged: 8-3 years oldMain duties to help with school run (currently need help mornings and afternoons as the children go ...01/09/2018100Yes

CBAu Pair
TemporaryRobertsbridge#2216 Mother's Help for 2 children 7 and 11 years oldMother's Help role 2 children 7 and 11 years old £160-180 Gross per week Before and after school car...02/04/2018180Yes

Mother's Help
Part timeFletching#2195 Mother's Help or Junior Nanny for two children 4 and 2 years oldThe family is looking for a Mother's Help or a Junior Nanny to help with day to day childcare tasks,...26/03/2018250Yes

Junior Nanny;Mother's Help
Full timeLondon#L2222 - Live-in Junior Nanny for 2 children 1 and 4 years oldRole:  35 hours - Children will be in the nursery for 2-3 full days.  They have a cleaner. Only duti...01/04/2018270No

Junior Nanny
Full timeMaida Hill#2217 Live-out Nanny-Housekeeper job available in Maida ValeLovely family with two children aged 11 and 8 are looking for a live-out Nanny-Housekeeper in Maida ...07/03/2018550No

W9Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentBromley#2220 Hindi or Punjabi speaking Live-In Elderly Companion Position for Elderly ladyLive-In Elderly Companion position £300 Gross but flexible for the right candidate Companion , light...15/04/2018300Yes

Elderly Companion
TemporaryTooting Broadway#2155 Au Pair for Boys 8 and 11yMonday - Thursday mornings (7 am - 9 am): getting the boys ready in the morning (dressed, breakfast ...01/09/2018100No

SW17Au Pair
PermanentLondon#2218 Nanny Housekeeper for children 5 and 11Live-In nanny Housekeeper role Monday-Friday - school preparation 7:00-9:00AM; housekeeping duties d...09/04/2018348Yes

NW1Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentWoolwich#2099 4 days a week Junior Nanny for Girls 5 and 2 years old#Junior Nanny role Live-in/Live-Out £400 Gross per week/ 4 days per week/ 40 hours 2 Girls, a 2.5 ye...30/03/2018400No

SE18Junior Nanny
Full timeLondon#2204 - Au Pair for two children 6-8 years oldAu pair for lovely family in South West London with two children 6 and 8 years old.  Duties:  AM sch...15/04/2018100No

Au Pair
PermanentLondon#2097 Nanny for 3 children aged between 2-7 years oldLive-In Nanny / Junior Nanny role Salary:  £642-£789 gross The Nanny / Junior Nanny will look after ...12/03/2018789No

Nanny;Junior Nanny
PermanentPutney#2214 Junior Nanny for B11, G8, B2Live-in Part-time Very Fluent or Native Speaker Junior Nanny role £230 gross per week  The family is...01/04/2018230No

SW15Junior Nanny
TemporaryLingfieldPatient, kind and "can-do" Au pair for B8 B8 G9, driverDuties : In terms of your duties as our au pair, we organise your hours around English school for yo...03/09/2017110Yes

RH7Au Pair
TemporaryLondon#1822 Independent and Responsible Au Pair/Mother's Help for G7 and G5Morning duties - between 7.30am and 9am. Help with breakfast, getting ready for school and taking ch...08/04/2018130No

SW17Au Pair
Part timeBrightwell cum SotwellGerman speaking, organised, fun Au Pair for B10 G7 G7, driverLooking after our 3 children (Max 10, Lucy 7 and Madeleine 7)… Helping take and collecting from scho...01/09/201895Yes

OX10Au Pair
TemporaryLondon#1772 Sweet and gentle Au Pair for B7 and G3Family is looking for someone who is sweet, patient and gentle with the children. Kind and intereste...04/08/2018100No

N22Au Pair
Full timeIlford#2158 Elderly Companion role for Lady 92yS(Nan) is 92 and requires a companion. Physically and mentally she is as well as can be but understa...30/01/2018Yes

IG5Elderly Companion
TemporaryFulham#2211 Au Pair/Mother's Help for 3 children aged 10, 9 and 9We are interested in both Au Pairs as wells as Mothers Help.  Basic duties include helping the child...06/04/2018200No

SW6Au Pair;Mother's Help
TemporaryHighbury and Islington#2210 Bubbly and Kind Au Pair for Girl 2 and new bornWe'd like somebody who can be part of our family and household. This would generally involve around ...15/03/201890No

N5Au Pair
TemporaryPetts woods#2208 Kind Dutch Au Pair for B44 to 5 hours per day Monday to Friday plus 2 nights babysitting. Bringing and picking the child to a...20/08/201890Yes

BR5Au Pair
TemporaryFulhamPleasant, helpful, independent Au pair for G7 B4, prefer French speakingTasks and Activities: •                Morning: dress children, give breakfast, help brush the teeth...20/03/2017100No

SW6Au Pair
TemporaryBrentwood#1042 Fun and loving Au Pair for B4 and B2Typical day in term time would be 7.30-10.30am and then 3pm-6pm Typical duties include the following...16/07/2018110No

CM13Au Pair
TemporaryWitneyLoving, fun, sensible, Au Pair for G9 G6 and G4, DriverWe require a fun, very loving and sensible Au Pair to help us look after our three girls, aged nearl...01/08/2018125Yes

OX29Au Pair
TemporaryEast SheenActive, energetic Au pair for B5 B7Helping get the boys up and dressed Providing and overseeing the clear up of breakfast Taking the bo...07/04/201885No

SW14Au Pair
Full timeNear Sevenoaks#2198 . Au Pair for a little boyDuties:  Help take boy to and from nursery, give him a light meal in the evening and sometimes get h...01/09/2018No

Au Pair
PermanentVirginia Water#2175 Nanny for VIP family, looking after 4 Boys 13, 11, 5 and 3Live-In Nanny Role for VIP family £400-£450 Gross 630/7-830 am 330-630/7week days 2 week days off we...01/04/2018450No

PermanentChiswick#2197 Junior Nanny for Girl 8.5 and 7 yearsLive-out, Part-time Junior nanny role £200-£250 Gross per week/ 20 hours 3 days a week Family lookin...05/03/2018250No

W4Junior Nanny
Part timeLondon#2128 Fun and caring Nanny/Junior Nanny for two girls 4 and 6 years old.Lovely family in London is looking for a Live-in or Live-out Nanny/Junior nanny to look after their ...26/02/2018No

SWNanny;Junior Nanny
Part timeLondon#2128AP: Au Pair to look after 2 girls aged 6 and 4Family living in London needs an au pair to care for their two girls aged 6 and 4.  Role: 22-25 hour...26/02/2018No

SWAu Pair
Full timeLondon#0065 German speaking Au Pair for Girl 8Taking and pick up from school, taking swimming & ballet, helping with homework and light house work...14/08/2017100No

W5Au Pair
Full timeLondon#1215 Honest and Reliable Au pair for Girl 4.5Duties:   • 7 - 8 am take Girl to school  • 3 pm leave to get Rosa from school for 3:15 pick up. Tak...22/11/2017100No

SE6Au Pair
Part timeLondonNorwegian au pair needed for wonderful central london family, 2 girlsDuties: We need standard au pair type help, speaking as much Norwegian as possible to my two girls, ...04/01/2017100No

SW6Au Pair