Available Jobs and Placements

PermanentMarlow#2121 Junior Nanny for Girl 8Live-In Junior Nanny £200-£300 Gross per week Around 30 hours per week Pick after school 8 year old ...02/01/2018300No

SL7Junior Nanny
PermanentIslington#0537 Special Needs Companion for 28 Year oldLive-In Special Needs Companion £350NET (£422 Gross) per week Dressing of disabled person Serving f...28/12/2017422No

PermanentPyrford#2118 Live-Out Nanny Housekeeper for Girl 4.5 and Boy 9Live-Out Nanny Housekeeper £300 NET per week, 30 hours per week Driving required - Housekeeping, Coo...02/01/2018300Yes

GU22Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentWoking#2116 Junior nanny for Boy 14 and Girl 13Live-in/Live-Out Junior Nanny £250 NET - 30 hours per week mon-fri - 5-6 hours per day Boy and girl ...03/12/2017250Yes

Gu24Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#2113 Italian speaking Junior nanny for Boy 4Live-Out Junior Nanny *Italian Speaker £300- £350 per week 35 hours Weekdays from 1 to 7pm Boy 4 Gen...30/11/2017350No

W1KJunior Nanny
PermanentCatford#2112 Elderly Companion for Elderly LadyLive in Elderly Companion £200 NET per week Elderly Lady of 58 Mornings Mainly 6days a week and then...11/12/2017200No

SE6Elderly Companion
PermanentSurrey#2097 Live-Out Housekeeper for family in RichmondLive out housekeeper  8 hrs/day 5 days a week (40 hours)  Monday to Friday. £11 – 12 + TAX, NI etc -...08/01/2018480No

PermanentLondon#0956 Junior nanny for Girls 3, 6 and 9Live-In or Live-Out Junior Nanny £270 GROSS per week Looking for someone Monday-Friday 7am-8.30am to...02/01/2018270No

NW6Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#0783 Weekend Nanny for Girls 4 and 6 yearsLive-In Nanny Role £240 Gross per week for 18 hours Girls 4 and 6 years Special Circumstances:  4 ye...08/01/2018240No

N6Nanny;Junior Nanny
Full timeLondon#2070 Independent and Caring Junior Nanny for Girl 6 and Boy 4Live-in or Live-out Junior nanny role £250 NET per week for 35 hours Girl 6 yrs old (in year 2 at sc...03/01/2018250No

SW18Junior Nanny
Full timeLymington#2106 Mother's Help for Girl 4Cooking family meals Getting child ready for pre school Childcare Getting child to pre school and o...04/01/2018190Yes

SO41Mother's Help
Full timeLondon#1215 Honest and Reliable Au pair for Girl 4.5Duties:   • 7 - 8 am take Girl to school  • 3 pm leave to get Rosa from school for 3:15 pick up. Tak...22/11/2017100No

SE6Au Pair
Full timeChiswick#2090 Fun and Bubbly Au Pair for Girls 6 and 9Looking after two girls, aged 6 and 9. Some school pick ups, very light housework (tidying up after...08/01/2018125Yes

W4Au Pair
PermanentLondon#2001 French speaking Nanny/Housekeeper for Girl 3.5 years and Boy 3 months£450-475 net per week depending on experience M-F 50 hours plus half a weekend day after candidates ...13/11/2017475No

W10Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentSouthfields#2086 Nanny for Twin Girls 14 months £24000-£28000 per year Twin Girls 14 months Wash and dress twins Prep meals and snacks Feed twins o...02/02/2018550Yes

SW18Nanny;Junior Nanny
Full timeWiltshire#2074 Fun and Cheerful Au Pair for Girl 3Main role will be childcare of a 3 year old. Pre school drop offs and pick ups Possible light hous...01/11/2017150Yes

SP2Au Pair
Full timeKent#2076 Happy and Enthusiastic Au Pair for Boys 4,5 and 2Looking after our 4 year old getting him ready for school driving to school in Canterbury, collectin...01/11/201795Yes

CT21Au Pair
PermanentCambridgeshire#1973 Maternity Nurse/ Nanny Housekeeper for New born and Girl 2*Live-In Maternity Nurse/ Nanny Housekeeper *£800 for 1st 3months and then £500 Maternity nurse - du...01/03/2018800Yes

SG19Nanny Housekeeper;Maternity Nurse
PermanentLondon#2044 Driver Nanny for Girl 15, Boy 6 and Girl 5 monthsLive-In Nanny required. £500 NET per week negotiable, 60 hours. Family lives in centrally located to...01/11/2017500Yes

PermanentLondon#0655 Fun and Enthusiastic Junior Nanny for Girls 3 and 1Live-In Position £250 per week / 45 hours per week Cooking and Laundry for the 2 girls and helping w...01/01/2018250No

W14Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#2004 Lovely junior Nanny for Boys aged 13,11,9 and 6Approx 1 hour early morning to help the kids get ready for school. Then help is required after schoo...25/09/2017300Yes

N2Junior Nanny
Part timeLondonNorwegian au pair needed for wonderful central london family, 2 girlsDuties: We need standard au pair type help, speaking as much Norwegian as possible to my two girls, ...04/01/2017100No

SW6Au Pair