Available and forthcoming internships will shortly be listed on this page. The 00 GTI Default Application provides a generic job description for teaching internships.

To apply for one or more of these internship positions you need to complete an application form first. This single application can be used to apply to all available internships. To begin your application click the Start Application Tab and follow the instructions. At the top of your application a progress tracker will tell you when your application is complete or mostly complete. Please DO NOT apply for any internships positions on this page until your application status is at least mostly complete.

(2016 applicants who applied via the formsite application page NEED NOT complete this new application format. To apply for internship positions simply register as above and enter your last name and formsite Application I.D. beginning with a number 8.)

English GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE Berkshire - BracknellSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy29/05/2017£1,200
Humanities (Classics) GTIAccepting ApplicationsEM Derbyshire - DerbyPrimaryClassics04/09/2017£1,200
English GTIAccepting ApplicationsEE Essex - GraysSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy11/09/2017
TESTIn-progressBusiness studies19/04/2017
Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsWM West Midlands - BirminghamSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy11/09/2017£1,200
Science GTIIn-progressGLW London - HounslowSecondaryScience11/09/2017£1,350
English GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLW London - HounslowSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy11/09/2017£1,350
MFL GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLW London - HounslowSecondaryLanguages11/09/2017£1,350
Primary GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLW London - HounslowSecondaryPrimary - No Specialism11/09/2017£1,350
Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLW London - HounslowSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy11/09/2017£1,350
Science GTIAccepting ApplicationsEM Cambridgeshire - PeterboroughSecondaryPhysics11/09/2017£1,200
Science GTIAccepting ApplicationsEE Essex - Clacton-on-SeaSecondaryScience11/09/2017£1,200
English GTIAccepting ApplicationsYH North Yorkshire - ScarboroughSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy11/09/2017£1200
Primary GTIAccepting ApplicationsEE Essex - ChelmsfordPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism11/09/2017£1,200
Design & Technology GTIIn-progressGLNW London - BrentSecondaryDesign & Technology11/09/2017£1,350
MFL GTIIn-progressEE Essex - Clacton-on-SeaSecondaryScience11/09/2017£1,200
Geography GTIAccepting ApplicationsYH North Yorkshire - ScarboroughSecondaryGeography11/09/2017£1200
Primary GTIAccepting ApplicationsEE Bedfordshire - DunstablePrimaryPrimary - No Specialism11/09/2017£1,200
PhysicsAccepting ApplicationsEE Essex - LoughtonSecondaryScience11/09/20171200
Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsEM Cambridgeshire - PeterboroughSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy11/09/2017£1,200
Spanish & French GTIAccepting ApplicationsEE Essex - LoughtonSecondaryLanguages11/09/20171200
Spanish GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE Kent - Royal Tunbridge WellsSecondaryLanguages11/09/2017£1,200
Business GTIIn-progressEM Cambridgeshire - PeterboroughSecondaryBusiness studies11/09/2017£1,200
Maths GTIIn-progressEE Essex - LoughtonSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy11/09/20171200
English GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE Berkshire - SloughSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy11/09/2017£1,200
Maths GTIIn-progressGLW London - HounslowSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy11/09/2017£1350
MFL GTIIn-progressGLW London - HounslowSecondaryLanguages11/09/2017£1350
Primary GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE Kent - SevenoaksPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism11/09/2017£1,200
Computing GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE Berkshire - SloughSecondaryComputing11/09/2017£1,200
Secondary GTIAccepting ApplicationsWM West Midlands - CoventrySecondarySecondary - No Specialism11/09/2017£1,200
History GTIAccepting ApplicationsWM West Midlands - WolverhamptonSecondaryHistory11/09/2017£1,200
Science GTIAccepting ApplicationsWM West Midlands - WolverhamptonSecondaryScience11/09/2017£1,200
Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsWM West Midlands - WolverhamptonSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy11/09/2017£1,200
Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsYH North Yorkshire - ScarboroughSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy11/09/2017£1200
Physics GTIAccepting ApplicationsYH North Yorkshire - ScarboroughSecondaryPhysics11/09/2017£1200
Engineering GTIAccepting ApplicationsYH North Yorkshire - ScarboroughSecondaryDesign & Technology11/09/2017£1200
Science GTIIn-progressGLSE London - BexleySecondaryScience04/09/2017£1350
Primary GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLW London - EalingPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism04/09/2017£1,500
Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsNW Greater Manchester - BurySecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy05/09/2017£1,200
English GTIAccepting ApplicationsNW Greater Manchester - BurySecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy05/09/2017£1,200
Computing GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLE London - NewhamSecondaryComputing08/05/2017
Science GTIAccepting ApplicationsEM Derbyshire - DerbyPrimaryScience04/09/2017£1,200
French GTIAccepting ApplicationsEM Derbyshire - DerbyPrimaryLanguages04/09/2017£1,200
Literacy GTIAccepting ApplicationsSW Gloucestershire - CheltenhamSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy04/09/2017£1,200
Science GTIAccepting ApplicationsSW Gloucestershire - CheltenhamSecondaryScience04/09/2017£1,200
Computing GTIAccepting ApplicationsSW Gloucestershire - CheltenhamSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy04/09/2017£1,200
Math GTIAccepting ApplicationsSW Gloucestershire - CheltenhamSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy04/09/2017£1,200
Math GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLSE London - BexleySecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy04/09/2017£1350
Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE East Sussex - Brighton and HoveSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy04/09/2017£1,200
Art & Design GTIInterviews ScheduledGLNW London - BrentSecondaryArt & design06/02/2017£1,350
Primary GTIWaiting for approvalEE Hertfordshire - WatfordPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism04/09/2017£1,200
English GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLSE London - BromleySecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy04/09/2017£1350
Science GTIIn-progressWM West Midlands - BirminghamSecondaryScience06/09/2017£1,200
Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsEM Cambridgeshire - PeterboroughSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy04/09/2017£1200
English GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE East Sussex - Brighton and HoveSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy04/09/2017£1,200
Primary GTIAccepting ApplicationsEE Essex - GraysPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism£1,200
00 GTI Default ApplicationIn-progressMultiple Regions£1,200 to £1,500
Science GTIAccepting ApplicationsEM Cambridgeshire - PeterboroughSecondaryScience04/09/2017£1200
Primary KS2 GTIAccepting ApplicationsEE Essex - Clacton-on-SeaPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism04/09/2017£1,200


Please note that to be eligible for the Graduate Teaching Internship you must satisfy the following eligibility criteria. We will not process any applications that do not meet these criteria:

1. You already have a degree or will complete your degree prior to the start of the internship (if you are a current undergraduate not yet in final year, please wait until next year to apply)
2. You must have GCSE (or equivalent award) Grade C or higher in Maths and English (and Science for primary internships).
3. You must be an E.U. citizen or have permanent right to remain in the United Kingdom (Tier 4 Visa holders are not eligible)

4. You must be able to prove your identity (e.g. passport scan) and your address (e.g. utility bill scan)
5. Your first language must be English or you must have an IELTS score of 7 or higher, or equivalent proof of proficiency in spoken and written English
6. You must not have any physical or mental illness or disability which would make you unfit to teach
7. You must not have a criminal record and you must be prepared to undergo a DBS check.
8. You must be available for full time work from your preferred start date and willing to travel for up to 1 hour each way from your residence to the host school.

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