Regional and some school specific internships are listed on this page. In the first instance you should apply to a Regional internship, in order to register your interest in working in schools in this region. You can apply to as many as you like. If you click on the Apply button you will see further information about the region.

To apply for one or more of these internship positions you need to complete an application form first. This single application can be used to apply to all available internships. To begin your application click the Start Application Tab and follow the instructions. At the top of your application a progress tracker will tell you when your application is complete or mostly complete. Please DO NOT apply for any internships positions on this page until your application status is at least mostly complete.

When your application preferences match with an available internship we will contact you directly to let you know and to confirm your interest.

Codsall - Computer Science GTIAccepting ApplicationsWM Staffordshire - anywhereSecondaryComputing30/11/2017£1250
Codsall - Science GTIAccepting ApplicationsWM Staffordshire - anywhereSecondaryScience30/11/2017£1250
Codsall - Maths GTIAccepting ApplicationsWM Staffordshire - anywhereSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy30/11/2017£1250
Broomfield - Chemistry or Physics GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLN London - EnfieldSecondaryScience30/11/2017£1500
Crest Academy - French GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLNW London - BrentSecondaryLanguages30/11/2017£1500
Oasis Lord's Hill - French Graduate GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE Hampshire - SouthamptonSecondaryLanguages31/10/2017£1250
Samuel Lister - English -GTIAccepting ApplicationsYH West Yorkshire - BradfordSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy02/01/2018£1250
St Jérôme - French speaking Primary - GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLNW London - HarrowPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism06/11/2017£1500
Holy Trinity - Primary - GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLW London - HillingdonPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism06/11/2017£1500
Tech City College - Computer Science - GTIShortlisting CandidatesGLN London - IslingtonF.E.Computing31/10/2017£1550 to £1700
Tech City College - Business Studies - GTIShortlisting CandidatesGLN London - IslingtonF.E.Business studies31/10/2017£1550 to £1700
Tech City College - Engineer - GTIShortlisting CandidatesGLN London - IslingtonF.E.Other specialism/subject31/10/2017£1550 to £1700
Oak Hill - Primary GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLW London - HounslowPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism01/01/2018£1500
St Edward's Royal Free - English GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE Berkshire - WindsorMiddleEnglish and/or Literacy31/10/2017£1300
Front Lawn Primary - Primary GTIAccepting ApplicationsSE Hampshire - PortsmouthPrimaryPrimary - No Specialism30/11/2017£1200
Havant Academy - Science GTIShortlisting CandidatesSE Hampshire - PortsmouthSecondaryScience31/10/2017£1250
Havant Academy - English GTIShortlisting CandidatesSE Hampshire - PortsmouthSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy31/10/2017£1250
Havant Academy - Maths GTIShortlisting CandidatesSE Hampshire - PortsmouthSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy31/10/2017£1250
Oasis Silvertown - English Literature GTIAccepting ApplicationsGLE London - NewhamSecondaryEnglish and/or Literacy31/10/2017£1500
Upton Court - Maths GTIInterviews ScheduledSE Berkshire - SloughSecondaryMaths and/or Numeracy11/09/2017£1300
Upton Court - Chemistry or Physics GTIInterviews ScheduledSE Berkshire - SloughSecondaryScience11/09/2017£1300
East Midlands Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsEast MidlandsAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1200 per month
Yorkshire and Humber Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsYorkshire and HumberAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1200 per month
West Midlands Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsWest MidlandsAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1200 per month
North East Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsNorth EastAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1200 per month
North West Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsNorth WestAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1200 per month
South West Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsSouth WestAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1200 per month
South East Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsSouth EastAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1200 per month
East of England Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsEast of EnglandAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1200 per month
Greater London Primary & Secondary InternshipsAccepting ApplicationsGreater LondonAll PhasesMore than one specialism/subjectMinimum £1350 per month

How Does it Work?

Once your application is complete (we will provide feedback and guidance) you will be ready to be introduced to schools. Behind the scenes, we match applicants with available internships and we will let you know when there is a match. At that point you need to move quickly to confirm your interest in the particular school so that we can arrange an interview in the school.


Please note that to be eligible for the Graduate Teaching Internship you must satisfy the eligibility criteria for acceptance on to a Teacher Training programme in England. You can check your eligibility in advance of completing your application by taking the TryTeaching Eligibility Test . We will not be able to recruit any graduate who does not meet the eligbility criteria.

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