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Full timeManager - Campaign10/01/2018New Delhi
Full timeManager - Documentation & Reporting10/01/2018New Delhi
Full timeProject Officer - Campaign10/01/2018New Delhi
Full timeProject Coordinator - Victims Assistance08/17/2018Mumbai
Full timeManager - Victim Assistance (Mumbai)08/07/2018Mumbai
Full timeState Coordinator (Child Protection) - Bihar08/04/2018Bihar
Full timeState Coordinator (Institutional Support) - Karnataka08/04/2018Karnataka
Full timeCounselor - Mukti Ashram07/27/2018Delhi
Full timeManager - Monitoring & Evaluation07/03/2018New Delhi
Full timeCounselor - Bal Ashram05/30/2018Viratnagar - Rajasthan
Full timeProject Officer - Bal Ashram05/30/2018Viratnagar - Rajasthan
Full timeProject Coordinator - NALSA & NCPCR03/26/2018New Delhi
Full timeState Coordinator (Child Protection) - Punjab04/04/2018Punjab
Full timeVictim Assistance Manager03/25/2018New Delhi