LEGAL ADVISORRecommends on the Company’s contractual policies, procedures and manuals, to ensure compliance with ...20/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
MARKETING SALES MANAGERTo undertake the duties related to the sales of Company’s lube and fuel products. To identify new cu...20/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
RETAIL MANAGERTo plan, direct and control the activities of the Retail Sales Division sales strategies in accorden...20/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
TRAINERTo provide practical- and effective competency-based training programs in cooperation with concerned...18/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
WIRELINE SUPERVISORDirects and controls contractor's onshore activities involved in carrying out site Wire-line (slick ...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
NDT TECHNICIANCarries out routine extensive none destructive testing of equipment and piping both on stream and of...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
PLANT OPERATORMonitor and control the operations of oil & gas production, water injection, power generation, gener...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
LEAD ELECTRICAL COMMISSIONING ENGINEER Receives Project documentation and understands Scope of Work related to his discipline.  Report t...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
ELECTRICAL SUPERVISORSupervises the day to day operation and execution of preventive and corrective maintenance activitie...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
ROTATING MACHINERY TECHNICIAN• To collect, read, and analyse vibration data, of all equipment’s components based on CCM strategy(...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
HSE ENGINEER14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
PRODUCTION SUPERVISORSupervises the operations of water, oil and gas facilities and coordinate with ZC and ZW CCR to ensu...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
MAINTENANCE SCHEDULERTo collect, review and discuss Work Order inputs like priority, description of work, functional loca...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
ROTATING MACHINERY SUPERVISORDirects and supervises the mechanical planned maintenance (PM), major overhaul, and repair and troub...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
MECHANICAL TECHNICIANAccountabilities apply to both CPC and WHPs.‎ a.)‎ Receives assignments and instructions of work to ...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
LAB CHEMIST• Monitors and reviews the day-to-day Laboratory activities such as sampling and analysis of crude o...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
SENIOR INSTRUMENT COMMISSIONING ENGINEER§  Receives Project documentation and understands Scope of Work related to his discipline what is re...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
SENIOR ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN1.  Carrying out Operation activities of 33/11 KV & LV network apparatus. 2.  Participating in shutd...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
DRILLING SITE LEADEROversees  the  execution  of  all  operational   programmers  and  acts  as  company-man  on assigne...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
WELL ENGINEER§ Receives copy of the daily drilling report and updated progress charts accordingly, ensures all   ...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
COMPLETIONS AND WELL TESTING ENGINEERThe purpose of the Completions and Well Testing Engineer is to provide engineering and operations su...14/12/2017In-progressUnited Arab Emirates
CORPORATE COMMUNICATION ADVISORWe seek to recruit an Advisor Corporate Communication to build up excellence in Corporate Communicat...29/11/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
FIELDSERVICES FOREMANCarries out day to day preventive, corrective and break down maintenance activities on field facilit...13/11/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
MAINTENANCE ENGINEERCoordinates and supervises CPPs Mechanical Section to ensure conformance to the installation, mainte...13/11/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
MAINTENANCE ENGINEER (I/C) CPPCoordinates and supervises the installation, maintenance, repair, calibration, trouble-shooting and ...13/11/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
MECHANICAL FOREMANCarries out day to day preventive, corrective and break down maintenance activities on mechanical pl...13/11/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
ELECTRICAL FOREMANCarries out day to day preventive, corrective and break down maintenance activities on electrical sy...13/11/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
INSTRUMENT/CONTROL FOREMANCarries out day to day preventive, corrective and break down maintenance activities on instrumentati...13/11/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
INSTRUMENT/CONTROL SUPERVISORSupervises the execution of day to day preventive and corrective maintenance activities related to i...13/11/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Sr. Power Plant Operatora.) Operate and monitor the Gas Turbines ensuring plant is operated within defined parameters from t...31/10/2017Closed
Sr. INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER• Preparation and review of Project Specific documents for the Supervisory Control • Systems (SCS) i...31/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
OPERATORReceive details of Production work instructions from Operators and Sr. Operators Collect tools, mate...31/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Exploration & Unconventional Specialist• Degree in a geology or earth science subject is required • Minimum 10-12 years industry experience...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
LIFTING EQUIPMENT ENGINEERa)            Involved in lifting operations and participating in all risk assessments for ensuring ...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
INSTRUMENT SR. TECHNICIANPrincipal Accountabilities: a.) Receive verbal or written assignment from supervisor, diagnose fault...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Sr. Technician -Mechanical - IOS-IYObtains work permits from area authority, review the work assigned and arranges for the necessary tr...31/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
GENERAL MAINTENANCE OFFICERPrincipal Accountabilities:  Assist the Maintenance Supervisor in coordinating and planning for all...31/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
SR. LAB TECHNICIANa.) Collect a wide variety of samples from throughout the production process and from utilities on Z...31/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Senior Engineer, Production• Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering discipline or equivalent. •7 - 8 years of experience in P...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Senior Engineer, Petroleum• Bachelor Degree in Petroleum or Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. • 7 - 8 years’ experience an...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Senior Engineer, Reservoir Simulation• Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering or related engineering discipline. • 7 years experience o...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Senior Engineer, Process• B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering or equivalent qualification. • Minimum 10 years of relevant process...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Engineer, Project Control• Bachelor Degree in Civil I Mechanical I Electrical Engineering discipline or equivalent. • 10-12 y...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Engineer, Construction B.Sc. in engineering, preferably process or mechanical background.  5 years of minimum experience...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Operation Manager• Bachelor Degree in relevant (Mechanical / Civil / Electrical / Control) Engineering discipline or ...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
Engineer, Quality Assurance• Certificate or High Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. • 8 years experience in Quali...30/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
TELECOM SYSTEM SR. TECHNICIANConduct installation, preventive maintenance, removal & reinstallation, repair and testing of one or...29/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
PAINTING & INSULATION INSPECTOR• Inspects all plant equipment and pipework within the LNG, OAG and IGD Plants, Utilities and Offplo...26/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
ELECTRICAL COMMISSIONING SUPERVISOR·         Receives allocated duties and reviews Scope of Work to understand what is required by show...26/10/2017ClosedUnited Arab Emirates
TECHNICAL TRAINING SPECIALIST - REFINERYGP Strategies (NYSE: GPX) is one of the few truly global performance improvement companies out there...05/10/2017ClosedKuwait
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