1206Data Architect ParisParisFull time08/09/2018
1205QA Manager European Commission - BruxellesBruxelles UccleFull time08/06/2018
1201Security Consultant (Quality Management Systems)Bruxelles UccleFull time07/24/2018
1195Senior Delivery Consultant - BaswareBucharestFull time06/08/2018
1194Technology Expert - 002535Bruxelles EtterbeekFull time05/21/2018
1192Senior Python Developer - European CommissionBruxelles UccleFull time05/15/2018
1191Technology Expert - normal STIS 002510 - European CommissionBruxelles UccleFull time05/14/2018
1190DBDBruxelles UccleFull time05/11/2018
1188Scrum Master ConsultantBruxelles UccleFull time05/10/2018
994Junior Security Engineer - BucharestBucharestFull time05/31/2017
993Firmware Engineer - BucharestBucharestFull time05/30/2017
992Office Administrator - CADBucharestFull time05/29/2017
836Front-end Developer D8170BrusselsFull time11/24/2016
805Java Developer - European Commission - DFull time10/11/2016
801R&D Project ManagerBucurestiFull time10/06/2016
793System Centre Analyst - BucharestBucharestFull time10/03/2016
792Network Analyst - BucharestBucharestFull time10/03/2016
791Application Specialist Analyst – Technology -BucharestBucharestFull time10/03/2016
790Application Specialist Analyst – Business - BucharestBucharestFull time10/03/2016
788Head of Hardware DepartmentBucurestiFull time09/29/2016
787Head of Firmware DepartmentBucurestiFull time09/29/2016
789Web Development Solution Manager - BucharestBucharestFull time09/29/2016
643Studio DirectorBucurestiFull time04/06/2016
634Senior Developer - VienaVienaFull time03/10/2016
611Business Analyst - European Commission (Desis BA24)BruxellesFull time02/20/2016

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